High value extracts


We have developed methods to process liquidised plant matter and recover target molecules at a high degree of purity through our filtration and extraction process.  This can be applied to a wide range of target molecules. 


Specific health-giving molecules can be recovered from liquidised plants or even fluid waste streams.  As long as the molecule has a structure that can be imprinted and as long as the molecules is available to be captured, imprinted polymers can be developed.


The size and structure of flavour molecules makes many of them ideal targets for imprinted polymers.  Alongside flavours, other ingredients can make good targets, such as specific sugars or naturally occuring colourants. 


The current processes for isolating natural flavour and aroma molecules are slow, expensive and time consuming.  Imprinted polymers typically capture their molecular targets instantly using a simple filtration process, even from complex solutions.